Birds in my garden

Hi Everyone! Today's post is about birds in and around my garden.

Although I don't have badgers, hedgehogs or woodpeckers in my garden I do get blackbirds, blue tits, nuthatches, robins, dunnocks and the typical woodpigeon. Just noticing simple birds like this can make you really look and listen to them.

Just standing out in my garden for about 5 minutes really connects you to nature. The chatter of a flock of goldfinches, the beautiful song of the blackbird and the sight of a souring buzzard above me. 

What I really remember was 3 years ago, when we had really heavy snow, a tiny goldcrest appeared in my garden. For other people this wouldn't really be exciting but for me it was. What was really special was it's little gold-crest standing out amongst the pearl white snow.


Long-tailed tit



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