An evening walk at Buchan Country Park

Hi everyone! Today I went to Buchan country park to walk my dog. It is a great place for wildlife which is in my local patch. 

On the lake there was about 10 mallards and 5 black-headed gulls who were making a lot of noise. A robin flew across the path infront of me and started to sing its heart out on a nearby branch. Later on a blackbird was rustling amongst the leaves, looking for something tasty to eat. 

Nearing the end of the walk I spotted 2 flocks of Long-tailed tits who were making there typical sounds, a bit of info about it here:

"Long-tailed tits have a twittering, trilling song, but it is their high-pitched twittering contact calls that will usually get them noticed; typically "tsee-tsee-tsee" but also "tsirrup".

I also spotted a redwing and jay which were quick to fly away. 
There were also quite a few bracket fungi.


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