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Warnham Nature Reserve

Today I went to Warnham Nature Reserve to try out my new lens.
First of all I went into the Woodpecker Hide (the feeders). There were much more birds than there was last time, as it is coming towards winter and getting colder. Species I saw were the usual Blue, Great and 1 Coal Tit, Chaffinch, Robin, Wren and 2 Nuthatch. The Nuthatch kept on squabbling with the Chaffinches over the food!

 Then we went to the Heron Hide and unsurprisingly I saw 3 Grey Herons. One came right at the right time to get a photo!

Then the sound of the Kingfisher echoed around the lake and we were treated to the Kingfisher perching and diving in front of us. 2 in fact were circling around the lake.

A Great Crested Grebe and its very noisy chick were also on the lake as well as 2 Mute Swan. Whilst waiting for the Kingfisher I saw what looked like a frog in the corner of my eye. Looking through my camera, coming out from the weed was a Grass Snake!! This was the first time I had seen one on the water so I was …

Wildlife At School

Young wildlife lovers like me will probably all think the same thing. Why is there no mention of wildlife or looking after our planet at school. Saying that I was lucky that in Primary School I ran my own wildlife club as we had a conservation area which had a pond, Blue Tit nest box, feeding station and a family of foxes (but its not like that in every Primary School!) Now I am in Secondary School (Year 8) We learn nothing at all about wildlife (especially British wildlife) This makes no sense to me at all. Yes we have to learn lessons like English, Maths and Science but isn't it important to learn about the animals that share our planet? 
Another issue is that every day at least one bag of rubbish is littered across my school, with seagulls flying around that could easily get caught and injure them. This is partly due to the lack of education about matters like this! Why can't we learn about how to save hedgehogs, about the amazing hen harrier and wildlife in our gardens at …