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Pulborough Brooks

Today I visited RSPB Pulborough Brooks to sign up to become a volunteer and I am starting next Sunday. :) While I was there I took a walk around the reserve. 
There was lots of butterflies as well the song of the Chiffchaff constantly being sung. One appeared in the trees in front of me.
A group of Goldfinches where chattering high up in the trees. Another song I heard was of the Greenfinch, a Male was perched on a branch singing his heart out. In the first hide, on the lake was 3 Mute Swans (a pair and a juvenile) and Shelduck. Carrying on until we reached the viewing point that looks over all the reserve, I could see many Lapwing, Canada and Greylag Geese, Mallard and a Grey Heron. A Little Egret was also hunting for fish and a group of Starling were flying in and out of the reeds. Among the Hedgerow I saw 2 Linnets with their beautiful red chests and a Whitethroat. Apparently a Hobby had been seen twice hunting in the distance but unfortunately I didn't see it. :(  
On the way…

Woods Mill

Yesterday, I visited Woods Mill Nature Reserve in Henfield...
As I walked into the reserve all you could hear was birds, Blackcaps singing, young Blue Tits begging for food, the alarming call of the Blackbird as it flew as fast as lightning in front of me and the twittering of a group of Goldfinches. Towards the reeds you could hear the bubbling call of the Reed Warbler. A male Blackcap sung very loudly as it perched in the trees behind me.
Walking towards the furthest point of the reserve there was lots of butterflies and damselflies like these ones, that I eventually managed to take a photo of whilst they were keeping still!

 As I walked across the bridge I was surprised to see the blue and orange flash of the Kingfisher as it flew past me and up the river. At the small lake there was a Little Grebe and lots of Coots with their chicks. As we sat down for lunch in front of the lake, a group of young Blackcaps were in front of me in a tree. One just sat their and had a scratch, it th…

My First morning bird ringing...

Today I went bird ringing for the first time. I have always wanted to do bird ringing but I never knew how I could. So the other week I went on the BTO website and found out where I could find a trainer. Luckily I found one only 20 minutes away from me in Horsham. 
So I arrived there at 8:30 this morning. Although I am only 12 I can still learn how to do it and I can train for a 'C' permit when I am 14. Firstly me, my mum and my trainer went round all the nets and found a Blackbird, a group of Long-Tailed Tits including juveniles and a young robin. After this we went back to take the details of the birds and ring them if they didn't have a ring on them already. Unfortunately, It started to rain and we had to check and take down the nets. We found a young Wren which I was allowed to hold and let go of. As there is a river there we heard Kingfishers call twice as well as young Blue Tits and a Garden Warbler. We also saw a group of House Martins flying around in the sky.