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Bird ringing session

On Saturday I woke up early to go to Cissbury ring in Findon, West Sussex for a bird ringing session, my first in over a month. Arriving at around 6 I walked down the path to the site which is adjacent to farmland. Skylarks were singing, but the yellowhammers song was the loudest and a beautiful male was perched at the very top of the hedgerow.

After setting all the nets up and after a few net rounds, we were off to a good start, with quite a few birds being caught including this brightly coloured greenfinch.

Later on in the morning we caught a young great tit, robins, more greenfinches including a juvenile, whitethroats, young blackcaps, a treecreeper and the first lesser whitethroat of the year. It was interesting to see birds that were starting to moult and one that had finished moulting already. 

It was nice to have a ringing tick of a woodpigeon, which aren't the nicest birds to ring as they are surprisingly strong! Whilst there we saw 2 crossbill fly over, which were identif…