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Birding Whilst at Blackland Farm

From Wednesday 20th to Friday 22nd July I went on a school trip with 15 others to Blackland Farm in East Grinstead. The trip involved camping there and taking part in 8 activities that included abseiling and kayaking which I really enjoyed.

I was surprised to see a quite good list of birds whist there. On the camping field House Martins were swooping around, sometimes in between our tents! Pied Wagtails were also bobbing along with some juveniles mixed in.

My favourite part was kayaking, whilst on the water I saw a Kingfisher whizz past in the distance and a Great Crested Grebe. Apart from that my other favourite part was the night hike. We set off at around 9:15 and didn't get back until nearly 11! Whilst we were walking we heard Tawny Owls screeching and I spotted a Sparrowhawk hunting over the tops of the trees. The species that I saw (or remember!) were Blackbird, Woodpigeon, House Martin, Pied Wagtail, Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, Robin, Kingfisher, Tawny Owl and Great Crested Grebe…

3 lifers at Pagham Harbour LNR!

Yesterday I visited Pagham Harbour, as usual it was pretty miserable, light rain and a grey sky! However it brightened up throughout the morning into the afternoon.

We (my mum, dog and I) decided to walk to the beach and back. Before this we stopped off at the hide, from the short walk there I saw 2 Woodpigeon and a young Blackcap. When we got there there didn't seem to be much around. But then I picked out a few lapwing asleep in the distance, a young Grey Heron, a single Shelduck, 3 Gadwall and a Feral Pigeon. 5 Swift were also flying around. Then we headed out on to the path that led all the way to the end of the reserve, the beach. Either side were great habitats for birds, reed beds, hedges, rivers and mudflats. Firstly a calling CommonSandpiper flew along one of the waterways and landed, dipping its beak into the mud. SedgeWarbler were also singing in the reeds, with one perched on the top of the vegetation. 2 GreatCrestedGrebe were also very sleepily floating on the water w…

A New Hobby by Elliot Montieth

Before I started my life as the birder I am today, I had been fixated by dinosaurs and prehistoric life before mankind. I ever child was I was amazed at how such beasts once roamed the earth. My book shelves were and still are filled to brink of Dinosaur books as well as documentaries about the latest discoveries and research is being carried out to enhance our knowledge about life on earth. I can still remember to this day the evening when I was 6 years old and went to the Liverpool Echo Arena to go and see Walking in Dinosaur “Live”. But then birding took control and whilst I started to exceed in that my once passion for dinosaurs and bones faded away.

But a couple a months ago I came into contact with another young wildlife fanatic called Melanie (@MelanieGbones), after talking to her about her love for bones and about her stunning collection consisting of Black-browed Albatross, Curlew, Southern Giant Petrel, Harlequin Duck and Avocet to name a few. It was after having many convers…