A Foggy day at Chesworth Farm

Today I visited Chesworth Farm in Horsham. It was quite a dull and foggy day and I didn't really expect to see much. As I got there was a lot of blue tits and great tits flying around the trees. Then a Mistle thrush flew by me and landed on a branch. What I noticed was its loud, rattling call that I haven't heard before. Walking down the path I looked towards the sky and there was a Kestrel, perched on a electricity line. 


Towards the end as I looked over a field and there was about 10 blackbirds all looking for food or chasing each other off. Looking closer, in the distance there was a flock of about 20 redwings and about 5 perched in a nearby tree. I could easily tell they were redwings because of its orange-red flank patches.


As I was just about to go a striking male bullfinch landed on a branch right in front of me. As it fed on the seeds I snapped away with my camera!


Then it flew off. Still watching I managed to find it feasting on some more seeds with its specially adapted beak (I'm posting more about the Bullfinch tomorrow.)


Thanks for reading! :)


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