Pulborough Brooks

Hi Everyone! Today I visited RSPB Pulborough Brooks.

Before even entering the reserve I saw a male Pheasant and Jay.
On the way in the trees there was 3 Linnets. In the first hide there was 3 Snipe (my highlight of the day) clearly visible on a small island on the water. They also swam which I haven't seen before and flew (normally I just only see one hiding in the grass.)

Snipe Swimming (Sorry it's bad quality;it was quite far away!)
 In the distance there was about 20 Shoveler and a constant reminder of Lapwings with their almost robotic call and acrobatic flight.

 Also in the distance there was a flock of about 100 Widgeon grazing on the grass. Flying around there was 2 Pied Wagtail. On the way back for lunch I saw a Green Woodpecker, seeing it then I realised how amazing its eyes were.

Heading out again I saw a Wren deep in the vegetation as usual as well as 2 Canada Geese and a Mute Swan in the next hide. In the following hide there were 5 Teal in front of me and a Little Egret flying past and disappearing behind the long grass. Also there was 2 Long-Tailed tits in the trees. Another highlight was seeing a Kestrel hunting over the reeds. Although it didn't result in it catching it's lunch I got a wonderful view of a great bird of prey. Nearing the end I spotted a Chiffchaff whilst it sang its name.


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