Tilgate Park

Hi everyone! Today I went to Tilgate Park in Crawley.

There were lots of Coots on the lake which were being very territorial as usual, they kept frightening each other off all the time. Also there was about 200 Black-Headed Gulls circling around in the air who were joined by 2 crows. As I carried walking I heard the unmistakable call of the Buzzard, looking up one was soaring in the sky. Further up in the now cloudy sky another one joined in, circling around whilst calling. After about 5 minutes their calling stopped and they both disappeared into the distance. 

Now on the other side of the lake there was a Cormorant drying its wings in the sun.

 There was also 2 Treecreepers climbing up a tree. Looking at the other lake there was a Great Crested Grebe that managed to get a fish and swallow without it being snatched by the Black-Headed Gulls. 

Great-Crested Grebe
A Mute Swan was also being very aggressive to a group of Canada Geese, it kept chasing them off so it could have the whole lake to itself.

Canada Geese
Looking up in the trees there was a small flock of Blue Tits as well as 3 Egyptian Geese grazing on the side of the lake.


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