Wakehurst Place

Today I went to Wakehurst Place which is in Ardingly, Haywards Heath. It is a Royal Botanical garden and is home to the world's largest seed conservation project. I spent most of my time in the Loder Valley Nature Reserve which was very, very muddy! 

Before reaching the first hide I saw two Great Crested Grebes. I noticed they were beginning to start their courting behaviour; bringing their necks together to make a sought of heart shape and calling to each other. In the first hide there was 5 Mallards, 2 Coots being very territorial as usual and 4 Cormorants drying their wings in the bright sun. On the way back I saw and heard quite a few Pheasants.

Lastly I went to the Kingfisher hide, which has specially built banks for their nests. According to the sightings board in the hide there has been a male and female going in and out of the nest holes. Although I didn't see any I hope to go back there in the spring and see if they have had any young. 

There were also lots of Snowdrops as well as 2 Robins.


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