The Extinction Portal

Hi Everyone! Today I thought I would share with you a fiction story I wrote for an English test at school. Its about a boy who loves wildlife and ends up saving extinct animals. Anyway on with the story...

In a world of modern technology and destroyed habitats, there was an animal-loving boy called Patrick. He loved learning about rare, near-extinct, extinct and animals that are just about surviving on this destroyed planet. Patrick was a very caring, clever and was one of the best students in his school in Pensthorpe, Norfolk.

One foggy, cold morning Patrick was out in his huge garden which was in among beautiful hills and thriving woodlands. The trees looked like hands dancing in the wind, making creaking and squeaking noises like a mouse. The smell of fresh grass and mist surrounded him, whilst he strolled through his flourishing, flower-filled garden something caught his eye. It was a bird, not just any bird but the bird he had been wanting to see forever. It was a glowing blue bird! The rarest bird in Europe!

Following it in astonishment, he meandered in and out of the mysterious wood. In a blink of an eye, in front of him appeared a portal. Patrick had no time to think about dodging the massive purple portal, so in he went still following the glimmering trail of light left behind by the gracefully flying bird. "Help!" Patrick yelled as he was unexpectedly sucked into the bright, violet tunnel, that seemed never-ending. Where was the tunnel going to lead to?

BUMP! He suddenly landed on green grass, Slowly opening his eyes, he was enveloped in huge red mushrooms, trees as tall as towers and behind him a a beautiful lake, the water shimmering golden in the bright sun. Stumbling to his feet, his senses went wild. He could smell conifer trees and all he could hear was the musical sound of the birds singing their hearts out. Moving in and out of the trees, Silhouettes of strange figures were slowly moving towards Patrick as he stood trying to figure out where abouts he was. As fast as the speed of light Patrick was suddenly circled in a variety of weird and wonderful creatures.

As his eyes began to focus, Patrick realised what these creatures were. They were animals, animals that had been extinct for a long time. Amongst them were a dodo, a mammoth and a saber-toothed tiger, all staring at him, as if they knew where he had come from. In such shock, not thinking what he was doing he ran as fast as he could to the portal with all the animals of all different sizes following behind him. Entering the portal, the animals and Patrick were sucked into it. He had never seen such a strange sight in his life, an extinct mammoth flying through the air and a dodo twisting and turning through it to.

BUMP! All at once they all landed in Patrick's garden. After that one day everyone of the world realised how important animals were. Forests grew back and animals stopped becoming extinct. Patrick became a scientist and the world became perfect again.

THE END (or is it...)

I hope you enjoyed it!


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