Hi Everyone! Today's post is about the Linnet. I saw 4 at the weekend at Pulborough Brooks.

The Linnet is a small, slim finch which is widely distributed, although it is on red status according to the RSPB. Once they were kept as cage birds because of their melodious song. Males stand out with red foreheads and breasts and females are a much browner version. In winter they can be seen in large flocks. Linnet numbers have dropped dramatically over the past few decades, unfortunately the UK population is estimated to have declined by 57% between 1970 and 2008. Although populations in England and Wales are decreasing, numbers in Scotland and Northern Ireland are currently increasing, according to a recent breeding bird survey.

Quick Facts

  • They have a rapid twittering flight call which similar to the Greenfinch and Redpoll.
  • Linnets feed on mainly small seeds such as dandelion and oil rape seed, but in summer they eat insects as well.
  • They nest on heaths, scrubland, hedgerows and in gardens with bushes.
  • Their resident population is increased by passage migrants and winter visitors.
A drawing I did of a Male Linnet

What I think is a female Linnet


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