A fun P.E lesson in the forest

Hi everyone! Today I thought I would post a bit of a different blog, so on with it...

At school today, in our P.E lesson we got to go up to the forest (Tilgate Park) which is only a 2 minute walk from my school. It is great because it is such a brilliant outside environment to learn in and we are lucky it is so close to us! We had to go round in groups trying to find different objects or do something which we took photos of to prove we had done it:

List of thing we had to find or do

We had to find objects such as a Green and brown leaf, a pine cone, a tall tree, rubbish (which unfortunately was easy to find) and more. We also had to make a shelter. This we all had to complete in under 20 minutes which was quite hard to do. I found it really fun because I was out in the forest (my favourite place) and we also won the competiton!

Our Shelter we made in about 2 minutes!





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