Autumnal fungi

After a busy week at school, and after getting to meet Steve Backshall and Helen Glover at his great new show which was at The Hawth in Crawley on Thursday last week, it was finally the holidays (well a week off anyway!).

As the Autumn takes over with its changing colours and falling leaves the amount of fungi around has increased and over the last few days I have been searching for them at my local parks whilst walking my dog. October, in my opinion, is the best month to go out photographing fungi, as you still have good light until quite late and fungi are in their most numerous in this month. However you can see some fungi all year round!

Every year I try to search for fungi and photograph them. Even though I don't get the best shots as I don't have a macro lens a few bits of kit help me to get some decent photos of them. The first bit of kit I bring is a beanbag, so I can keep my camera still as possible when photographing fungi down on the ground. I also bring a torch which acts as a light source to light the whole fungus up or just the underside and gills.  

If anyone can identify any that I don't know that would be great, here are some of the photographs I have taken so far, some taken on my phone as I didn't bring a camera:

Fly Agaric (taken on my phone)
False Death Cap

Amethyst Deceiver (Taken on my phone)

False Death Cap

Orange Peel Fungus

Common Earthball


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