Tilgate Park

Hi everyone!

Today unfortunately I didn't get to go to Warnham which I had planned as the weather was awful. But when it did brighten up I went on a walk at Tilgate Park.

Firstly, I saw a family of Roe Deer, including a fawn, drinking by a puddle. Then the drumming of a Woodpecker echoed it the distance. I saw three Treecreepers in about 5 minutes as well as a single Blue Tit. The call of a Green Woodpecker was then joined by a fly-by of it. Then two Robins drew my attention as one gave food to the other, presumably for their young. Passing the lake, I saw 3 Mandarins and a dozen Mallard. Nearing the end of the walk I was surprised to be surrounded by a carpet of bluebells.

Thanks for reading!


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