Review for Haith's

First of all I would just like to say thank you to Haiths for asking me to review their products! I was lucky to receive a mini robin feeder and a 2kg bag of golden chorus mix. When receiving the feeder the first thing I noticed was its simple but quality design, the most important thing that it was so easy to put together, taking under a minute to assemble. I also liked the dome design of the feeder because if it rains the feed doesn't get too wet and therefore doesn't need to be replaced. The golden chorus bird food looked of great quality as well and it created no mess when I filled the feeder up. Hanging the feeder was also super easy, a loop on the top of the dome allows you to hang it on a branch and keeps it very stable. 


I have now had the feeder up for a week or so, the birds took a few days to get used to feeding from it but we now have frequent visitors, mostly blue and great tits, who seem to enjoy the golden chorus mix! Although we do have a very compact garden that backs onto a main road we do get birds visiting the garden and hopefully in the winter, when we get even more visitors, they will make the most of the new feeder!

If you need any good quality, reasonably priced bird food or feeders I would definitely recommend getting them from Haiths. 

Here's some links that will take you to their website:


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