Spring has sprung at Warnham LNR!

Spring has definitely sprung at Warnham Local Nature Reserve! I visited there yesterday as I haven't been there for quite a while.

The first thing I spotted on the lake was a single Common Tern that was perching on one of the posts, last year they had chicks, so hopefully it will be the same this year! There were also 8 Herons, including 4 juveniles that kept squabbling.

On the other side of the lake a Great Crested Grebe was sat on its nest as well as a Mute Swan sat on its nest that was hidden among the reeds. A Kingfisher was constantly zooming from one side of the lake to the other, it sat in the tree next to the hide but unfortunately it wasn't visible enough to get a photo.

After staying in the hide for a bit I decided to take a walk to the furthest part of the reserve. There wasn't really that much around, everything was busy finding food for their young and building nests! However I did manage to find a Treecreeper nest. At a distance, to not cause any disturbance, I watched the adults constantly coming back to the nest with mouthfuls of insects. They had nested in the crevice of a tree.

Record shot (It was dark under the trees)
Chiffchaffs were chirping away as usual and I did see a group of Greylag Geese. On the walk back my mum heard something rustling in the vegetation on the side of the path, I had a look and it was a Slow worm! We watched it slither back into the undergrowth. 

You can just about see its body slithering away


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