The Rock Pipit

The Rock Pipit, a medium sized bird that hangs around the rocky shorelines of the UK. With the Latin name of Anthus Petrosus it tends to perch on the top of large bolders and feed in between rocks. Streaky brown, the Rock Pipit is slightly bigger and duller than the Meadow Pipit. Here is a comparison:
                                                                         Rock Pipit:

                                                                      Meadow Pipit:

As seen here the Meadow Pipit is much lighter brown than the darker Rock Pipit. 

Facts about the Rock Pipit:

  • Some birds arrive from Norway to spend the winter here
  • There are 36,000 breeding pairs in the UK
  • Their diet consists of insects, beetles, small fish, small shellfish and seeds
  • They are less common in the not so rocky coastlines of the north-west, east and south England coastlines.
At the weekend I saw about 5 Rock Pipits (which were my first) at Seven Sisters Country Park. They kept on flying from where the river meets the sea over to the gigantic cliffs. What I noticed was that when they flew they almost sounded like wagtails with a joyful song!

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