Buchan Country Park

Hi Everyone! Today I visited my local country park, Buchan.

I regularly visit there to walk my dog, so when I went up there yesterday I was happy to find a Nuthatch nest in a tree. The nest looked as if it had been carved into the end of a branch by someone, probably one of the wardens. So today I took my camera there to hopefully get a few shots.

When I got to the same tree I could hear the chicks calling for food, so I stood back and waited. After about 10 minutes the parent came. It was interesting to see both parents coming back and forth with a whole beak full of insects.

Whilst waiting for the Nuthatch I could hear some other chicks close by, so I went to see where the noise was coming from. As I began to walk towards it a Great Spotted Woodpecker entered the hole. It was a Woodpecker nest! 

On the way back I spotted a Blackcap singing high up in the trees.

Thanks for reading!


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