5 Things To Do This Easter...

1. Take a walk in the woods and see if you can spot any signs of spring. Spring flowers such as Daffodils, Snowdrops and Bluebells are always a treat to see. Or see if you can hear the 'Chiff Chaff' of a Chiffchaff. I went for a walk today I saw these:

Rubbish photo as its taken with my phone of some Daffodils.
2. Visit a Nature Reserve-you never know what will turn up! I visited RSPB Pagham Habour a few weeks ago and saw some brilliant Curlew, Golden Plover and Redshank.

3. Have a go at drawing wildlife. When its horrible outside this is one of my favourite things to do. Try drawing your favourite bird or animal. In 2014 I posted some of my wildlife art which you can see here: www.myathebirder.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/my-wildlife-art.html I have drew many other drawings since then I am planning to upload them soon.

4. Wash your bird feeders. Although not the most interesting activity to do it is really important as it stops any dieseses from spreading from bird to bird. Here is a link on how to do it: www.gardenersworld.com/how-to/projects/wildlife-gardening/how-to-clean-bird-feeders/3293.html

5. Build a pond. If you have enough room in your garden a pond is a great way to attract a whole range of wildlife to your garden, including Dragonflies, Damselflies, Frogs and Toads as well as birds looking for a drink. Here is some advice on how to build one (and if you are a child make sure you have permission!): www.bbowt.org.uk/wildlife/wildlife-advice/wild-info-ponds/how-build-pond-wildlife

Happy Easter!


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