Today I visited Warnham Nature Reserve...

In the first hide was a Great Crested Grebe as well as a Mute Swan preening itself. A Grey Wagtail was hopping along around the lake. Next I went into the Woodpecker hide, a juvenile Dunnock made an appearance and a Nuthatch was feeding on its usual feeder.

In the next hide was 8 Tufted Ducks; I could hear a Reed Warbler singing in the distance. In the trees were quite a few heron nests with chicks in. They were making a lot of noise! Afterwards I found out that it is the biggest breeding grounds for Grey Herons in Sussex.

Lastly, I sat down by the smaller ponds to see if there were any chicks around. Rustling in the reeds whist constantly tweeting were a pair of Coots with 3 chicks. I managed to grab a few shots of them.

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