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First Time Birding in a While

It's surprising how quickly the species of birds can change throughout the seasons. I haven't been birding in a few weeks now and when I arrived at Pagham Harbour nature reserve on Monday, after walking down to the start of the mudflats I was greeted with flocks of Wigeon and Teal, a real sign of the ever-approaching Winter. 

In the distance I just could about make out a flock of Avocet and Lapwing, flying back and forth. Walking back, I stopped off at the Ferry Pool hide, looking over the water, there were lots of Shelduck that were joined by more Wigeon and Teal. I could just about hear the high-pitched call of the Goldcrest just outside the hide, although it didn't make an appearance when I waited to try and get a photo. Also on the way back, a flock of Long-Tailed Tits made their appearance known with their 'pinging' call and a charm of goldfinch tried their best to fly against the relatively strong wind.

We then drove to Church Norton and sat on the beach for …