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Tilgate Park

Hi everyone!
Today unfortunately I didn't get to go to Warnham which I had planned as the weather was awful. But when it did brighten up I went on a walk at Tilgate Park.
Firstly, I saw a family of Roe Deer, including a fawn, drinking by a puddle. Then the drumming of a Woodpecker echoed it the distance. I saw three Treecreepers in about 5 minutes as well as a single Blue Tit. The call of a Green Woodpecker was then joined by a fly-by of it. Then two Robins drew my attention as one gave food to the other, presumably for their young. Passing the lake, I saw 3 Mandarins and a dozen Mallard. Nearing the end of the walk I was surprised to be surrounded by a carpet of bluebells.
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Woods Mill Local Nature Reserve

Today I visited Woods Mill Local nature reserve which is the headquarters of the Sussex wildlife trust.
Before even getting there, whilst in the car I saw a Buzzard soaring in the sky and then to my surprise a Red Kite swooped down towards our car. When I arrived I spotted a Chiffchaff in the trees singing away. Then in the sky appeared a Kestrel, it hovered right infront of me and then flew off. After this I saw a beautiful blackcap.

Then in the tree I saw my first Whitethroat. Walking to the furthest point of the reserve the views were great.

Then a couple of Reed Buntings flew up into the sky. Heading back to the pond a Little Grebe was showing very well.

In the reeds a Coot and its very young chicks appeared. There was also a lot of butterflies such as orange-tips and red admirals.

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British Wildlife Centre Photos

Hi everyone! As today I went to the British Wildlife Centre I thought I would share a few of my favourite photos I took there.

Ashdown Forest

Today I visited Ashdown Forest which is home to a variety of habitats such heathland, moorland and woodland which attracts lots of wildlife such as deer, dartford warbler and Skylark. Ashdown forest lies between Crowborough, Forest Row and Maresfield and rises to an altitude of 732 feet (223 metres) above sea level which provides brilliant views of the North Downs and South Downs. 
I arrived at around 11:00 and was surprised at how hot it was as well as beautiful blue skys. The views were amazing and I realised how high up we were.

Heading down to woodland the bird song was amazing. The first birds I saw were 3 Dunnocks on the ground then a bird flitting around in the trees caught my eye. It was a Goldcrest.
Then a few minutes later a Blackcap appeared in the trees with its striking cap showing well in the sun. The usual Great and Blue Tit were also around. As I walked towards the heathland a Stonechat flew into the sky and then perched on a twig. 
I also kept seeing a Kestrel that w…