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RSPB Pulborough Brooks

Today I went to RSPB Pulborough Brooks.
On the way there I saw a Red Kite, It flew directly above my car. Its great to see Red Kites in the South East now, as when I was younger you never saw them at all. 
On the way to the hides I saw and heard lots of Swifts screaming in the sky, a real sign of summer for me. In the first hide were a lot of Lapwing acrobatically flying and Shelduck with young. As I was walking to the next hide a Chiffchaff appeared in a tree in front of me.

Next I went to see what a couple of people where looking at in the bracken (I had an idea what it was going to be) and I was right, they told me it was a female Adder. This was the first time I had seen one in the wild. It lay curled up in front of me, basking in the sun.

In the next hide was 2 Little Egret and a Moorhen. Following this I went to look at the viewing area that looks over almost all of the reserve. There was at least 10 Mute Swan in the distance. Then a Green Woodpecker flew past, fortunately it d…

Buchan Country Park

Hi Everyone! Today I visited my local country park, Buchan.
I regularly visit there to walk my dog, so when I went up there yesterday I was happy to find a Nuthatch nest in a tree. The nest looked as if it had been carved into the end of a branch by someone, probably one of the wardens. So today I took my camera there to hopefully get a few shots.
When I got to the same tree I could hear the chicks calling for food, so I stood back and waited. After about 10 minutes the parent came. It was interesting to see both parents coming back and forth with a whole beak full of insects.

Whilst waiting for the Nuthatch I could hear some other chicks close by, so I went to see where the noise was coming from. As I began to walk towards it a Great Spotted Woodpecker entered the hole. It was a Woodpecker nest! 

On the way back I spotted a Blackcap singing high up in the trees.
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WWT Arundel

Hi everyone! Today I went to WWT Arundel.
Overall I saw lots of species so I thought I would list them here:
Reed BuntingReed WarblerSedge WarblerWrenCootWood Pigeon and chicks (It was the first time I had seen wood pigeon young)SwallowMoorhenCanada Geese and goslingsShelduckKingfisherTufted DuckMandarinGreylag GeeseBlack-Headed GullsMallard and ducklingsA Few Photos From Today

Ashdown Forest

Today I visited Ashdown Forest. It was very sunny and the views were lovely!
Firstly in the distance I heard the screaming call of a Green Woodpecker, then it flew from tree to tree. Then I also heard the call of a Great Spotted Woodpecker and it then landed on a branch right in front of me.
Whilst walking through the heathland a Wheatear appeared, perched on the top of some gorse. After having lunch I could hear a Whitethroat which sounded as if it was quite close. Then the Whitethroat flew past me, carrying twigs in its beak, diving in amongst some vegetation. Watching it for a while it kept going back there with more twigs in its beak, it most likely had a nest there.
I also saw Long-Tailed Tits in trees. Chiffchaffs continuously called most of the time I was there although I didn't actually see any. On the way back I saw a male and female Stonechat. The male was chasing a fly and came right up to me!

Lastly, in the trees I saw my first Tree Pipit (Identified by the people of …

WWT Arundel

Hi everyone! Yesterday I visited WWT Arundel.
As it was a very sunny bank holiday it was extremely busy although I did see lots of birds as well!
Firstly I headed down to the reedbed loop as normally at this time of year Reed Warblers can be heard and sometimes seen. When I got down there that was exactly what I heard. Joining the bubbling sound of the Reed Warbler call was another similar one but it was slightly different. It sounded very close as it was extremely loud. Then in front of me was a small bird the size of a Reed Warbler but in fact it was a Sedge Warbler. I thought its flight was very strange, as it flew into the sky and then slowly dived back down into the reeds.

 Heading back for lunch I saw a coot nest with what looked like day old chicks.

There were lots of ducklings and goslings around! One Mallard had over 10 ducklings!

Then perched in the trees singing its melodious song was a blackcap.

A flock of goldfinches flew from tree to tree. Entering the sand martin hide…


Today I visited Warnham Nature Reserve...

In the first hide was a Great Crested Grebe as well as a Mute Swan preening itself. A Grey Wagtail was hopping along around the lake. Next I went into the Woodpecker hide, a juvenile Dunnock made an appearance and a Nuthatch was feeding on its usual feeder.
In the next hide was 8 Tufted Ducks; I could hear a Reed Warbler singing in the distance. In the trees were quite a few heron nests with chicks in. They were making a lot of noise! Afterwards I found out that it is the biggest breeding grounds for Grey Herons in Sussex.

Lastly, I sat down by the smaller ponds to see if there were any chicks around. Rustling in the reeds whist constantly tweeting were a pair of Coots with 3 chicks. I managed to grab a few shots of them.

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