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Merry Christmas and a Happy, Wildlife-Filled New Year!

Hi everyone! It's the second day of winter, all though it doesn't look like it outside, and I haven't posted for a long time so here's an update on what I have been up to!

Although I haven't done a lot of wildlife-related things over the last few weeks, I did go to RSPB Pulborough Brooks last weekend and haven't got round to blogging about it. 

We started off by walking down to the hides, in the trees surrounding the path a group of Goldcrests made their way from branch to branch whilst a flock of Long-Tailed Tits acrobatically flew into the distant trees. Reaching the hide the usual culprits were on the lake, with Wigeon and Teal being the most numerous. Lapwing also squabbled on the grass, lifting into the air as I spotted a lone pair of Shelduck asleep on the water. A Mistle Thrush also hid amongst the grass to the side of the hide.

Reaching the viewpoint, a Peregrine sat in its usual tree, its feathers being ruffled by the growing wind. Whilst I watched thi…
The weather is starting to turn very cold, the leaves scattered on the ground are crystallised in frost and the birds are desperately searching the trees for ruby red berries. On Sunday I heard news of a immature Rose-Coloured Starling that had been visiting a garden for around 3 weeks but the news had only just come out. Luckily for me where it had been sighted was only literally up the road so, a 4 minute drive later, I was there. 

After getting parked up, I had checked all the trees and where the main group of starlings were gathering. Unfortunately, the other 7 or 8 birders and I couldn't find it anywhere. However I was determined to find it, so as my mum returned to the relative warmth of the car, I carried on looking. About an hour later I joined a few birders as we checked the trees of gardens on the roadside. None of them could find it but to my surprise I looked through my binoculars and it was perched right in front of my eyes!
As I snapped away with my camera, I looked be…