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The People's Walk For Wildlife

It's less than a week till the People's Walk for Wildlife in Hyde Park, London, led by Chris Packham. I will be attending for lots of different reasons, not only can we raise awareness for the many environmental issues that are affecting wildlife but we can catch the governments attention which could result in some much-needed action being taken. I'm going because I care about the massive declines in birds, mammals, insects and more in this country and I can't wait to walk with people who share the same passion as me.

This time 6 years ago I attended a talk by one of my inspirations, Chris Packham, and back then I could never have imagined knowing so many young people who love wildlife as much as I do and are striving to make sure our country is thriving with wildlife for future generations to enjoy.

6 years ago, when I became really interested in wildlife I thought I was one of the only young people who cared but now I will be able to walk with 100s. Here's a vide…

Fishlake Meadows, Hampshire

On Wednesday I made the 2 hour train journey down to Romsey in Hampshire to meet up with Tom Saunders (@TommySaunders19) and walk around Fishlake Meadows nature reserve. After a short walk from the train station we made it to a viewpoint which looks over the lake.

From the viewpoint we could see a great crested grebe with chicks, greylag and canada geese and lots of hirundines. Then an adult hobby appeared in the distance, gracefully swooping in the air as it attempted to catch insects in flight. A few minutes later a huge white bird flew towards us and as it got closer it was clear it was a great white egret.

We then walked along the canal path and to our surprise a nightingale flew into some vegetation in front of us, giving brief views before disappearing. Further along the path, a kingfisher dived into the reeds and we could hear the squealing call of a water rail. Also we spotted a cormorant as it flew down onto the lake as well as a kestrel hovering in the sky. A cetti's war…