The People's Walk For Wildlife

It's less than a week till the People's Walk for Wildlife in Hyde Park, London, led by Chris Packham. I will be attending for lots of different reasons, not only can we raise awareness for the many environmental issues that are affecting wildlife but we can catch the governments attention which could result in some much-needed action being taken. I'm going because I care about the massive declines in birds, mammals, insects and more in this country and I can't wait to walk with people who share the same passion as me.

This time 6 years ago I attended a talk by one of my inspirations, Chris Packham, and back then I could never have imagined knowing so many young people who love wildlife as much as I do and are striving to make sure our country is thriving with wildlife for future generations to enjoy.

Chris Packham and a 10 year old me!
6 years ago, when I became really interested in wildlife I thought I was one of the only young people who cared but now I will be able to walk with 100s. Here's a video, set up by Dara McAnulty, featuring lots of inspiring young people and why they are attending/supporting this great event.

To me the walk is a sign of hope, if we all stand up and make our voices heard, the public and people in power will start to make choices for the better. Whether it be reducing plastic use, ending badger culling or stopping the decline in farmland birds the People's Walk for Wildlife will create awareness and encourage action for the good to be taken.

They are many ways you can help!


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