1st week of 30 days wild!

Just a quick update on what I have been up to for 30 days wild, although I have been busy this week I have managed to fit time in for nature every day so far!

Day 2- An afternoon walk around my local park, Buchan country park. I also took time to stop for a minute and listen to the melody of nature which is bird song!

Day 3- A rather close encounter with a red admiral which kept on dive bombing me and then decided to land on my shoulder for photo!

Day 4- I visited my nearest RSPB Pulborough Brooks with fellow young birder James McCulloch. It was quiet in the way of birds although there was plenty of insects around and therefore lots of swifts, house and sand martins on the wing.

RSPB Pulborough Brooks
Day 5- Having lots of homework to do doesn't always have to draw you away from nature as I found out the other day. Currently I have been studying Lucienne Day, who's work was inspired by nature, especially plants. For homework I had to create a double page on her work which included painting some of her designs such as this one:

Day 6- Stopping and listening to the sway of the trees as strong wind whipped through Tilgate 
Forest followed by getting drenched in the rain!

Day 7- Yesterday, after a busy day at school, I took a break at my local country park by sitting down for 10 minutes and looking up at the clouds. Whilst I was doing so 2 buzzards swooped above the trees next to me, giving excellent views!

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