WWT Arundel

On Sunday I spent a few hours at WWT Arundel.

Arriving at 10:15 it was cold but surprisingly sunny for once! As we walked out there were about 150 Crows circling above the cliffs behind me. (I think they were dive-bombing a Peregrine Falcon). We first walked around the reedbed loop boardwalk where I saw nothing until towards the end. A bird caught my eye in the trees, looking through my binoculars it was my first Redpoll of the year! Next we went into the Sand Martin Hide; there was a single Widgeon as well as a Grey Heron, 1 Pheasant across the lake and a Great Spotted Woodpecker. As we were about to leave about 30 Lapwing acrobatically flew over.

As we walked to the last two hides I saw a Cormorant sunbathing over where the boat rides were. I think it is a Juvenile as it had a whitish front.

 In the last hide there were over 20 Teal, 10 Gadwall and a few Shoveler.

Male Shoveler (Sorry for the bad quality, it was quite far away!)
Surprisingly a Male Kingfisher perched for 10 minutes on a twig to the left of me. It dived but was unsuccessful and came up with no fish.


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