Fungi Hunt

Today I went on a successful Fungi Hunt at Buchan Country Park.

Firstly I thought that I would visit the spot where I saw the famous Fly Agaric last year. When we got there (under a pine tree by the pond) I did not see any but then sure enough behind the tree was a perfect example of a Fly Agaric. For more of my photos take a look at my Flickr account: 

Fly Agaric
I also saw the weird Candlesnuff Fungi for the first time. There were quite a few groups of them mainly on dead wood or amongst the moss:

There were also many fungi that I did not recognise but this one was quite unusual with its gills showing very well. Would anyone be able to identify this for me?

As well as the striking colours of the Fly Agaric I saw this Common Earthball which is poisonous. These were very interesting as there were quite a few of them in a group together.

Common Earthball
 Thanks For Reading!


  1. Hi Mya, lovely photos! Great Fly Agaric, it's not very often I see them so intact. I'm not an expert but I'm pretty sure your unidentified fungi is an Amethyst deceiver; the cap can be very variable but the gills are distinctive and it looks like it has a purple/buff tinge to it which would differentiate it from the common Deceiver which is an orange/tan colour. Hope that helps!



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