Warnham Nature Reserve

Although it was raining, today I visited Warnham Local Nature Reserve in Horsham.

Every year a pair of Common Terms breed at Warnham and normally produce about 3 young. Today I saw that there was 3 young being fed by the adults and you can see that there adult plumage is coming through. 

You can just about see the three chicks to the left of the photo
When I was just about to leave the hide a Kingfisher whizzed past.

In the Woodpecker Hide, which has feeding stations, most of the birds I saw where juvenile Blue Tits and Great Tits as well as the occasional Chaffinch.

In the last hide that looks over the lake, one of the terns sat on a perch.

Two swans were chasing after another all around the lake, it was quite funny to watch because the swan that was getting chased wouldn't go away. After a while of being chased all around the lake it left. 


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