A Day At Lancing Beach

Today I went to Lancing Beach in West Sussex, which I normally visit every year.

I don't normally look along the beach for nature but today I decided to. 
The first thing I saw was this.

 This is in fact a Cuttlebone, also known as a Cuttlefish bone. Here is a few facts about Cuttlefish:

  • The Cuttlebone is it's internal shell.
  • Despite their name they are molluscs not fish.
  • When they are alive they have the ability to change pattern for different purposes.

 From www.allthesea.com
The second thing I found was this.

These are egg cases or otherwise know as mermaids purses. This is where the embryo grows and exits into the ocean. There are different types and can come from sharks, skate and rays. These I think are from a Spotted Ray. (Please tell me If I am wrong!) 

The last thing I found was this.

I am really not sure what this is. All I know is that it looks and feels like a bone. Please let me know if you know what its!

Thanks for reading!


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