Letter to Nicky Morgan MP

Today I sent a letter to my local MP and Nicky Morgan MP, the Secretary of State for Education, about how I, and many other young people like me, would like to see the environment and wildlife included in our education in Primary and Secondary schools in the UK. I thought I would post this to hopefully inspire others to write a letter to MPs, as the more people we can get to write letters, the better chance we have in getting nature included in our education. 

Dear Secretary of State for Education - Nicky Morgan MP

I am writing to you to express my concern about the lack of environmental issues covered in Primary and Secondary schools across the UK.

My name is Mya Bambrick and I am a 13 year old from Crawley, West Sussex. I am a wildlife enthusiast and conservationist who has loved and cared about nature ever since I can remember.In schools there is not enough education relating to nature and that is a fact. In my school I have not been taught anything that covers the environment such as keeping our planet green, simple issues like not dropping litter and about our beautiful British wildlife.


In my opinion I think that this is not acceptable. How do you expect the next generation to look after our planet for many years to come without education? The next generation needs to conserve our wildlife better than the last.

However I do accept the fact that the curriculum is packed already. But isn’t nature, something we can’t live without, as important as English or Maths? Even including the environment in a lesson once a week would be better than no education at all.

This is the opinion of many young wildlife lovers from across the UK, even the world, so I hope you take this into consideration.

 I look forward to hearing from you, 

Kind Regards,

Mya Bambrick


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