Woods Mill

Yesterday, I visited Woods Mill Nature Reserve in Henfield...

As I walked into the reserve all you could hear was birds, Blackcaps singing, young Blue Tits begging for food, the alarming call of the Blackbird as it flew as fast as lightning in front of me and the twittering of a group of Goldfinches. Towards the reeds you could hear the bubbling call of the Reed Warbler. A male Blackcap sung very loudly as it perched in the trees behind me.

Male Blackcap
Walking towards the furthest point of the reserve there was lots of butterflies and damselflies like these ones, that I eventually managed to take a photo of whilst they were keeping still!

Small Skipper

Azure Damselfly 

Azure Damselfly
 As I walked across the bridge I was surprised to see the blue and orange flash of the Kingfisher as it flew past me and up the river. At the small lake there was a Little Grebe and lots of Coots with their chicks. As we sat down for lunch in front of the lake, a group of young Blackcaps were in front of me in a tree. One just sat their and had a scratch, it then went and followed its brothers and sisters and flew off.

Before I came I heard that a pair of Turtle Doves had been at Woods Mill so I was hoping to see or hear them. In the midst of eating my lunch I heard the unusual purring noise they make. Unfortunately, I never saw them but I was sure that they were perched in the tree behind me as they sounded if they were really close.

On the way back a Kestrel was hunting and it flew really close towards the trees that I was walking under.


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