A very sunny visit to WWT Arundel

Hi Everyone! Today once again I visited WWT Arundel as I heard that there had been a lot of kingfisher activity. 

Going into the first hide I saw that there was a lot of photographers sitting in there waiting for something.. they were waiting for the kingfisher! Although I didn't get a good photo of it today, I did see a lot of them. In the first hide I had a fly-by of the kingfisher, as well as it perching quite far away from me.

There were also a few shoveler, lapwing and teal around as well as about 20 shelduck.

There were lots of mallards, coots, moorhens around as usual. As I waited to get on the boat ride, in the corner of my eye I saw 2 kingfishers chasing each other. There was also right in front of me a Mediterranean gull.

In the other hide there was a grey heron which was looking for fish.

Other species I saw were long-tailed tit, robin, dunnock, blue tit and chiffchaff.


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