Wildlife For the Future

Hi Everyone! As I have not been able to go birding for the last 2 weeks as I have been ill :(, I thought I would blog on my view about wildlife for the the future.

My view is that in primary and secondary schools I think they should educate us more on how to look after our planet, which I think should be taught in Science or as a separate subject. This way children would be far more educated on how to not destroy our planet, but keep it thriving with wildlife and nature. Also I think that wildlife should get far more funding from the government, which www.voteforbob.co.uk is already trying to do. This would give more money to projects to save individual species that we have lead to near extinction. Another issue is that TV Shows such as I'm a celebrity (which I do watch) are using animals as entertainment, recently giving a mutton bird (known as the declining species of the short-tailed shearwater) for the camp as dinner, which most of them did not eat any way.

I hope you find this interesting!
Mya :)


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